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Marcus Dobbs

Albert Mansions & The Tower (Original A2 drawing) - 2015

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-Orginal ink drawing from 2015 

-pigment ink on paper 

-signed and dated 

-has been exhibited in the past and was previously framed 

-some minor wear to corners and to the back of the drawing (due to previous framing) 

this drawing is also available as a print 


Whenever I've delved into the ideas of re-imagining London and its architecture, I have always been attracted to the idea of drawing the Royal Albert Hall, but it felt like too much of an obvious choice, especially alongside some of the others I had planned at the time.

But during my research of the Royal Albert Hall, the Albert Mansions that surround it felt like a better fit, as they toe similar architectural lines as the Royal Albert Hall and the idea of drawing them alongside another icon got me excited! 

I decided that the icon that would accompany the Albert Mansions was the Tower of London. Taking the literal term 'Tower' from it's name and have it towering over the Albert Mansions. Despite its gruesome history, it has a certain charm to it, from the Beefeaters that call it home or the fact that it houses some of the Crown Jewels. It still holds the spirit of old London and is a visual reminder to tourists and visitors of the city, just how far London has come in terms of construction and architecture.