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Marcus Dobbs' Art

An Imagining of London

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High quality Giclée print 

Printed onto 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper

The London that never was.

Based on Sir Christopher Wren's proposal to rebuild London after the Great Fire, the street plans on this map are taken from his ideas. This map is also the precursor to all my maps that have followed since, such as the 'Parte of...' series. It's drawn in a more traditional style, with the classic, topdown view of central London and all of its features being flat.

As the title suggest, I wanted to imagine London in a fictional world, where everything you see on the map was either planned for London or was actually the way London was designed at one point in time.

The Thames is blue to represent life flowing through the city and the name banners are inspired by the posters of old that would be dotted around London to point the direction you needed to go. Various names are taken from their original wording or spelling before the eventual change, such as 'South Work' (which is now Southwark)