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Marcus Dobbs

From The Garden of Sir Christopher Wren - (Original A1 Drawing) 2023

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 A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm)

black & pigment ink on paper

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 I started this drawing back in 2017, while I was working on a series of work exploring a dystopian vision of London. Originally I had no plan and simply started sketching out a landscape. I began by drawing a row of brick houses sinking into the murky waters of the Thames. The foreground shows reeds and lily pads, a contrast to how the river is normally represented in reality, as dead and polluted. 

As the foreground progressed, I began to think about the background and the main subject of this drawing. I wanted to create something dark yet magical, somewhere I would want to explore myself and start this story. 

As the background grew, the mills and workhouses became taller and it was at this point I began adding the church towers. I have always had a love for London’s churches and their rich history and one name always pops out when researching the churches of London… Sir Christopher Wren, the man who rebuilt London following the great fire of 1666.