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Marcus Dobbs

St Paul’s Cathedral (Original A2 Drawing)- 2015

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-Orginal ink drawing from 2015 

-pigment ink on paper 

-signed and dated 

-has been exhibited in the past and was previously framed 

-some minor wear to corners and to the back of the drawing (due to previous framing) 

this drawing is also available as a print 

St Paul’s Cathedral and Sir Christopher Wren’s architecture in general, has been the most influential on my drawings and style for many years. I had always planned on drawing St Paul's more accurately and with more detail than any previous version I created, but didn’t want it to be surrounded by your everyday, exact representation of the area it stands in today.

I love the contrast of something so majestic and beautiful like St Paul’s, standing tall amongst the older, decaying architecture and rotting buildings of old London.

I created this piece through the perspective of someone who would’ve lived in London in during those times, when St Paul’s would have been the largest and most awe-inspiring buildings they would have seen, yet was also surrounded by crooked chimney roofs, poverty and decay.