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Marcus Dobbs' Art

St Paul's Cathedral (print)

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High quality Giclée print
Printed onto 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper

The third and final piece in a three-part series, re-imagining London with a selection of the city's most iconic monuments and buildings.

St Paul’s Cathedral and Sir Christopher Wren’s architecture in general, has been the most influential on my drawings and style for many years. I had always planned on drawing St Paul's more accurately and with more detail than any previous version I created, but didn’t want it to be surrounded by your everyday, exact representation of the area it stands in today.

I love the contrast of something so majestic and beautiful like St Paul’s, standing tall amongst the older, decaying architecture and rotting buildings of old London.

I created this piece through the perspective of someone who would’ve lived in London in during those times, when St Paul’s would have been the largest and most awe-inspiring buildings they would have seen, yet was also surrounded by crooked chimney roofs, poverty and decay.